Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HELP! Blogging Question~

I need my blogging friends help! What is a blog hop? I know that sounds like a silly question to you experienced bloggers, but I am so new to this that I am not sure I understand what it is. I have put some of my posts on linky parties. But, then while surfing around blogs I saw my linky party stuff at a new blog and they are calling it a blog hop. I just want to be able to give credit where credit is due and post their button on my blog. So, any help here would be great! Thanks!


  1. A blog hop is an organized event where several blogs are linked together usually following a theme. The main blog will provide a link to the next blog and then so on and so on and so on until you've made your way through all the blogs. Sometimes there are prizes for random commenters :) Great fun to see lots of cool blogs and get great inspirations! Hope that helps ;)

  2. Thanks Michele! Yes, that does help. If I were a 10 year old kid, I would have known that! Are you thawing out? Are you coming back to Vegas at all this year? It would be fun to have a scrap with the old crew again! :)

  3. Thanks for asking this question, and for the answer. Last night I was completely twisted around (and disappointed) when I went following what I thought was a link party!! I followed it through two other blogs (that didn't have posts I enjoyed) - I really like the linky parties because I can click away and find new things, and yet I'm not on the computer for 8 hours! ~Lori


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