Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Quiltique Contest!

So, one of our local quilt shops called Quiltique is hosting the "2012 Bag Challenge" and I decided to enter! The way the contest works is like this...I had to pick the bag pattern from about 20 white envelopes. Each envelope contained a pattern. The only thing that was on the envelope was the supply list. So, I had no idea what the bag looked like when I chose the envelope. The contest is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced patterns. Because I did not know what the pattern looked like, I played it safe and picked from the intermediate batch. When I opened the envelope, I was so happy! I really liked the bag! I finished the bag this past weekend, but I may make another one with bolder colors. So, here is the bag...
A cute little backpack!  

There is a pocket with a magnetic snap pocket on the front of the bag. 

The inside has a single pocket.

The pattern that I picked is from Two Peas in a Pod Designs and the pattern is called the St Mary Backpack.

I never use a pattern, and for this contest, I had to follow the pattern just as it was written. For me, this was very hard. I have been sewing so long that to do a simple step a different way was a challenge for me! Like I said, I may do another bag in bolder colors, but I do like this bag too. The bag is due back to Quiltique by March 30th and voting begins April 1. So, if you happen to be in Vegas during the month of April, I would love your vote!

Happy Sewing!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE your bag! What an interesting and fun challenge to do!!

  3. Just beautiful, of course!!!! My fingers are crossed for you! What a fun challenge! Is this store on your side of town? I'd love to vote for you! :) Great job, my friend!!!

  4. Thanks girls! Kristy, Quiltique is just up the street from Hobby in April, if you go, stop in and vote! :)

  5. I love it! The colors are gorgeous and the pockets are genius. I may need to tweak something like this for a new diaper bag. I've been loving the Petunia Pickle bottom bags, but not the price tag. Have you ever seen laminated canvas? I like laminated cotton but it's not sturdy enough for a diaper bag IMHO, I'd love some laminated fabric though to keep the bag cleaner longer. This backpack would be fabulous in laminated cotton though- great for swimming or workouts. Sorry for the novel. I haven't chatted with you forever. ;)


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