Thursday, April 28, 2011

Skog-Nisse Forest Gnomes

Today I want to introduce you to Carole from Skog-Nisse Forest Gnomes.
 Carole is a self taught needle felting expert! She has combined her love of yarn, felting and gnomes to create Skog-Nisse. Carole hasn't really gone "public" yet, she is backed up with special orders, and while visiting Carole I wanted to get some pictures of the orders that she has done so far.
First up is Nick and Nellie Nisse. PERFECT for Christmas! The details in the eyes are unbelievable, and very realistic. 
Lars & Lillie. They have a love/hate relationship.  
Grampy Gnome & Nannie Nisse. Don't you love the mole on Nannie's chin!  
Hildie & Hans. Hans can't keep his hands or eyes off of Hildie! We should all be so lucky! 
Last but not least, Tilda & Thor. Crack me up! Small in stature, but big in personality!

To get the full extent of these cute gnomes, you really should see them in person! Or you can click on the picture and it will enlarge it enough so you can see the detail better! They are 100% hand made. Carole starts out with 100% wool roving and forms the roving until her creation is created! What talent! The clothes on the gnomes are made from felted 100% wool sweaters.

Carole can even take a picture of a couple and make gnomes to look like them! I just gave her a picture of David and I...I will keep you posted! :) Have you ever thought of yourself as a gnome? LOL!

And last but not least, Carole is not only a great Crafty Girl, but she is also my mother! :) Lucky me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Crafting Aprons

I just listed three really fun crafting aprons in my Etsy shop!

Happy Crafting!

Linking Here:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Outfit...So I thought!

This year I was so excited for Easter because I decided that I wanted to make a skirt for myself for Easter. So I found the pattern I liked. I then found the fabric I LOVED. So, about a week and a half ago I started this skirt. I finished it all but the hem last week. Then, if you read my previous posts, you will remember I had a week of sick kids. Well, Saturday morning, I woke up with the flu. UGH. I stayed banished to my room all day Saturday, into Sunday (Easter) morning. Needless to say, I made it to church....but my skirt stayed home. I was really bummed.

Well, tonight I finished the hem and I thought I would show you how this cute skirt turned out.
Here is the front of the skirt. I love pencil skirts, so when I saw this pattern I was drawn right to it.  I absolutely love the pink and black Paris themed fabric!
I really like the look of the wide yoke and the cute little pockets. 
Here is the back of the skirt. Instead of one slit, there are two slits in the bottom of the skirt. 
Here is a closer look at the two slits in the bottom. 
I thought of wearing a pink cardigan with this skirt.  
I also thought that this gathered ribbon flower that I made looked cute with the skirt too.

Well, this outfit didn't make Easter...maybe Mother's Day. :)

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Winner and Update!

First off...thanks for the advise on my dilemma yesterday....Here is what we decided to do:

We went to the Aliante, and we had a GREAT time! We both got the much needed rest that we had been deprived of for the past week. David was surprised and while a couple of the kiddos still felt bad, they all slept through the night and we only got 206 calls from home! Yippie!

Now, on to more important things. Today is the day! The drawing for the super cute crafting apron! I had a really great turnout for this drawing - THANK YOU! There were 121 entries....and the winner is...........
YEA! Number 45 who is Emily! Congrats Emily! Emily's craft of choice is to knit! I bet Emily made this stinking cute hat that she is wearing!
Congrats Emily! I hope you enjoy your new apron!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart!

Today is my husband's 42nd birthday....or as he would say, "Today is the 21st anniversary of my 21st birthday, on the 21st of April!" Cute, huh? Well...I have a dilemma, and I need some advice! Here is where I wish I was able to take my husband for his birthday...
On a cruise ship heading somewhere really warm...just the two of us! But, times are tight, and so I settled on something else. I have booked us a room here....
The Aliante Resort. Very nice.  
Rooms look beautiful. 
But the best part is the pool.

So, here is the deal that I got. Dinner, Movie and Room for $79. Locals deal. Love it! Had we just gone to dinner and movie, we would have spent that much. I secretly have scheduled David off at work for tomorrow (I can do this since I am his paralegal!) The entire office knows we will be off tomorrow, except for him! The plan is to lay on one of those beautiful orange lounge chairs all day long.

Now, are you ready for my dilemma? Here it is in a nutshell:
Sunday: Daughter has flu all day and all Sunday night.
Monday: Son No. 2 has flu all day and Monday night.
Tuesday: Son No. 3 has flu all day and Tuesday night.
Wednesday: Son No. 4 has flu all day and Wednesday night.
Today: Son No. 2 & Son No. 4 sick.

I could not make this stuff up. What do I do? The room had to be prepaid! No money back. Am I terrible if I still take David tonight? What if no one is hugging the porcelain throne anymore? David and I need this break more than I can tell you. (insert me stomping my feet here and acting like I am entitled to this!) And, here is my justification, it's not like the kids are babies! They are 8, 9, 10 and 18. And, one more thing, the Aliante is 4 miles from my home, so I am super close.

There will be adults with the kids tonight, just not their mom and dad. Should I give in and tell David the surprise and let him decide? UGH!

What would you do?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Crafting Aprons

This past Saturday I got an order for several crafting aprons, and I had 3 aprons on order before that, so I figured I better get a move on and get the aprons made! The  gals that bought the aprons Saturday came into my workshop and picked out their own fabric for their aprons. It was fun! Tonight I finished three of the aprons and I thought it would be fun to share with you!

Here are the fabric choices for the first three that I made...
WOWZA, look how fun! And, if you knew these gals like I do, you would agree when I say, these fabrics fit these gals perfectly! 
The first one is a fun hot pink polka dot with a zebra ruffle and black and white waist band and ties. LOVE IT! 
I wish my camera would have taken better pictures, but this apron is just adorable...pinks and browns.  
Look how sweet! No pun intended of course, but let's face it, this is a sweet apron!

All of the aprons have the "crafting pocket" going across the front. The pocket is big enough for pens, cell phone, scissors - you know all the stuff we lose under our paper when we are crafting! :)

I hope you all have entered to win your very own crafting apron HERE!

Peeps Easter Wreath

This past weekend was the Crafty Girls Workshop, and we really had a great time. One Crafty Girl that comes every month to the workshop is Carole a.k.a. my Mom! Mom is definitely one of my biggest supporters! 

At the workshop Carole made the cutest Peeps wreath...and I am the lucky recipient of that wreath! Thanks MOM!
Look how stinking cute!  
Carole took a 12 inch wreath and wrapped the wreath with a light yellow satin ribbon. 
She then hot glued the Peeps to the wreath. She sprayed it with a clear coat, and that is it!

Ironically, after posting this post, I went on Facebook only to find out that my sister in law, Alison, made the same wreath! How funny! Alison used the multi-colored Peeps for her wreath and I love it too! 

Happy Easter!

And, if you haven't entered to win my Crafting Apron yet, go HERE to enter!
I am linking the Peeps Easter Wreath to these great blogs:
Reasons to Skip the Housework

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Scrapbook Layouts!

This is so sad for me to admit...I am soooooo far behind on my scrapping! I know I am not alone, but for so long I was caught up. And, let's just say, the last year, was a tough one with my time. So, the scrapping got pushed to the back burner. Well, I made up a couple layouts the other day that I would love to share with you. They were both pretty simple and fun!
The first one is a single page layout. I love the colors and the little felt flower on this page. 
The second layout is a double page layout. I found the paper with the clouds and the umbrellas, then I found the die cuts of the cloud and umbrella on a Cricut cartridge. Matched perfectly! We don't get a lot of rain in Vegas, so really, this layout should read, "April Sprinklers Bring May Flowers"! LOL!

My new goal....To scrap on Sunday afternoons for two hours. *Thanks to my sister-in-law, Alison who, years ago, told me this was her trick to stay caught up. Hmmmm, Alison, do you still do this?

Happy Friday!

Super Cool Feature about ME!

I am hosting the Crafty Girls Workshop this weekend, so I am up late getting all the "last minute" stuff done. I quickly checked my email, and what a nice surprise! Amanda from Every Crafty Endeavor let me know that she was going to feature me on her blog! How super nice is that! Amanda's blog is full of wonderful crafts, sewing and anything fun! One of my favorite tutorials on her blog is the Ruffle Knit Skirt!

I am so going to make this! And, I just might get some killer shoes like hers! :) So, thanks again Amanda for the shout out of my blog ~ I truly appreciate it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Sis...

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my little sis, Dee! Dee and I have been through a lot of adventures together...oh how I wish I could let some ghosts out of our closet - the stories I could tell would have you rolling! She is one of my best friends and I am so blessed to have her as my sister. I wish everyone could have a sister like Dee!
Dee & Irene - Swiss Days 09/04/10

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Giveaway Time!

I have not done a giveaway in quite some time, so I think it is time! I was actually thinking earlier how bad I feel that I cannot answer everyone!  PLEASE KNOW that I read and appreciate all of the comments that are left! Anyone needing a self esteem push...just start a blog! The friends you meet in blog-land are wonderful! So, to say thank you to you, I am giving away one of my wonderful crafting aprons! Yippie!
I made this apron a few weeks ago, and LOVE it. I actually do wear it, and I don't lose my cell phone anymore under stacks of fabric and paper!  Don't worry, your apron will be brand new, never worn, never opened - made just for you!
Super fun crafting fabric! 
Even a spot for your scissors so your kids won't run and cut paper with your fabric scissors anymore~ :) 
I think this apron needs a good home!

OK, rule time (I hate about I say "let's play fair" time)

1. I would love for you to become a follower. Please leave me a comment telling me you are a new follower. If you are already one of my Crafty Peeps...just let me know! :)

2. Like Crafty Girls on Facebook (button on right side-bar). Come back and leave me a comment letting me know.

3. Finally, leave me a comment telling me what your favorite crafting hobby is.

See, super easy. And yes, you gotta leave three separate comments, after all this is a giveaway to say thanks for leaving comments!

I will pick a winner on Friday, April 22nd!

Good Luck & THANK YOU!
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