Thursday, April 28, 2011

Skog-Nisse Forest Gnomes

Today I want to introduce you to Carole from Skog-Nisse Forest Gnomes.
 Carole is a self taught needle felting expert! She has combined her love of yarn, felting and gnomes to create Skog-Nisse. Carole hasn't really gone "public" yet, she is backed up with special orders, and while visiting Carole I wanted to get some pictures of the orders that she has done so far.
First up is Nick and Nellie Nisse. PERFECT for Christmas! The details in the eyes are unbelievable, and very realistic. 
Lars & Lillie. They have a love/hate relationship.  
Grampy Gnome & Nannie Nisse. Don't you love the mole on Nannie's chin!  
Hildie & Hans. Hans can't keep his hands or eyes off of Hildie! We should all be so lucky! 
Last but not least, Tilda & Thor. Crack me up! Small in stature, but big in personality!

To get the full extent of these cute gnomes, you really should see them in person! Or you can click on the picture and it will enlarge it enough so you can see the detail better! They are 100% hand made. Carole starts out with 100% wool roving and forms the roving until her creation is created! What talent! The clothes on the gnomes are made from felted 100% wool sweaters.

Carole can even take a picture of a couple and make gnomes to look like them! I just gave her a picture of David and I...I will keep you posted! :) Have you ever thought of yourself as a gnome? LOL!

And last but not least, Carole is not only a great Crafty Girl, but she is also my mother! :) Lucky me.


  1. I am in love with ALL of the Gnomes!! Great job mom, they look awesome! I can't wait to see what Jason & I look like :)

  2. So fun! Can't wait to see the 'gnomie' Irene!


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