Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Rooster for the Kitchen

I am very fortunate that I have an assistant (dad) that will cut and paint wood anytime I ask him to! He has all the tools, and he is a perfectionist! So, when I hand him a pattern (or two!), I know that the product I get back will be perfect!

Anyway, I wanted to add another Rooster to my kitchen. So, I gave my dad a pattern and an idea. He cut and painted, I added the paper, and this is what I ended up with...

Super cute, huh? I love him. This rooster is about 14 inches tall. After looking at the rooster, I thought he needed a mate. So....another pattern, more cutting, more painting and more is the chicken... 
I think she is cute too! The chicken is about 8 inches tall. 
Here they are together, totally a pair! 
For now, I have them on my buffet in my eating area. They won't say there long because I move things around just about daily!

You can see some of the other roosters in my kitchen HERE

Have a great week!


  1. So so cute, I love the patterns and colors!

  2. Those are so cute Irene. Will you be making those in your Crafty Girls group too?

  3. Irene those are darling! Love them both.:) The papers are fabulous and the design- wonderful!

  4. LOVE this one! And, they match my decor . . . . just saying!

  5. Cluck Cluck Cluck... so CUTE! winks-jen

  6. Super cute chickens! Thanks for linking up to my party...stop over for a great giveaway!!

  7. Oh my gosh.. they are ADORABLE! I love them.

  8. I love them! My favorite is the rooster. Can I pay you to make me some?!?!

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I have to say, I love these little birds too! come to Vegas and you can have a set! :) Allyo: I tried to email you, but your email isn't listed...I do make these as kits for a workshop that I host once a month. The hard part with the kits is the shipping cost. If after the workshop there are kits left, I will let you know and if you are interested we'll talk! The workshop is this Saturday the 16th, so I will let you know next week!

    Thanks again for all the comments!

  10. Hello , I super Love the set , do you sell the patterns ??? LMK Thank you


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