Thursday, March 31, 2011

Front Porch Make Over for Spring

I have an oversize front porch and ever since moving into our home, almost three years ago, I have kept the porch void of anything. Not by choice, just my indecisiveness on what I wanted. Well, I am ready to add a few things to the porch. But, HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICE OF OUTDOOR FURNITURE! CRAZY!

I decided that I would do the front porch for free. I turned it into a challenge to see if I could do it for free. I first started at my parents house to rummage through their fun stuff in the garage.

First, I will show you how my porch looked to start with:

My house is light grey and the front doors are blue. These wreaths are really for fall....ya, I know, I need to change them!

I do have this fun post that has signs that change out for each season near the front doors. 
This is the vast porch to the right of the front doors.

This is the full front view of my house. Definitely needs some spring color!

So, this is the first thing that I stole borrowed from my parents. 
A super cool vintage metal plant stand. I wanted to paint it red. 
Almost done. 
Done! I love it red!
Next, I stole borrowed these two chairs from my parents:
Two very fun vintage wicker chairs. I decided to paint them the same color blue as my front door. I also had some canvas to recover the cushions. 
Here is what used to be the green chair.  
And here is the white rocker. 
My new look for the front doors. My mother let me borrow these two red sap buckets and I already had the flowers. Notice I also changed out the sign for the post for spring. 
So, now when you are at my front door, this fun little sitting area will greet you. I made the two back pillows out of red and creme fabric. And I added the burlap bee pillow. 
It is hard to tell because of the lighting, but there really is a big change to my porch. 
Gotta say, I think I like the addition of the American flag best!

So, in the end, I almost did this for free. The only thing I had to buy were the flowers for the red plant stand. $24. The way I look at it, $24 is a lot better than the cost of new furniture!


  1. I really like how you painted the furniture to match the front doors - nice continuity. The red planter and accent pillows round it out nicely with the American flag. Your mom might want to borrow them back after she sees how nice they turned out. It would be great if you could find a suitable area rug to borrow as well for the space!

  2. Hi Irene! Painting those two chairs really brought them together nicely..I love Americana too..what a great plant stand!! I'm envious of your green grass!

  3. So much fun. I wish my parents had a garage like that. :) It looks wonderful, nice job!

  4. Where is your magic wand?! Everything turn out so pretty with you!


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