Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Crafting Apron

As most of you know, once a month I hold a Crafty Girls workshop where 18 of us get together and craft, scrapbook, eat and laugh. The workshops are a lot of fun, and I truly enjoy hosting. I am often running around to everyone that is attending, helping them, or just checking out what they are crafting. I tell myself each month that I need an apron with pockets to hold the miscellaneous things that I need to host.

Well, tonight was the night to make that apron. This is the fabric that I wanted to use:
These are four of my favorite fabrics.  
But, out of the four fabrics, this is my favorite. I love the sewing and crafting theme. My girlfriend found this fabric for me and I love the colors of the fabric. Such fun. 
I originally was going to use the red fabric for the pocket, but I felt that it covered up the main fabric too much, so I used the same fabric as the base of the apron, and I love it! 
So, here is my new apron on Ms. M. Here I go, I am going to sound like a broken record...I love how it turned out! 
I think that the ruffle along the bottom of the apron adds a "girly" feel! 
I also love the contrast of the waist band to the main fabric. I also did a double top stitch on the pocket. 
I can't wait until April's workshop to wear my new apron!


  1. OH.MY.GOSH. You know I love all your brilliant creations, but this just moved to the top of my list. That fabric - THE BEST!!!! And your color combos put it over the top.

  2. Okay, that focal fabric is TO DIE FOR!!! I love the whole apron- it's absolutely darling! how fun to wear. I'm teaching a class on Saturday, I wonder if I'll have time to make me something like this? hmmmm.

  3. so cute... your girlfriend has great taste ;)

  4. That is adorable! The fabrics are amazing together. Great job. I think I need one of those myself.

  5. Love this! The fabrics you chose are just gorgeous! I especially love the main fabric, and the ruffle on the bottom is the perfect girly touch. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I picked up a yard of this fabric a while back... not knowing what to do with it.. Now I know!!!!!
    I'd love it if you would
    link up over at the glitter party!

  7. So cute!!! Is this your own pattern or is there a pattern you used? I love it.

  8. This is so cute. I am trying to make a similar one for my mother in law for mothers day. The fabrics you used are stunning thanks for sharing tina xx

  9. I love everything about this apron! The fabric, the style, the ruffle...... Now I'm just going to have to make one for myself (giving you credit of course). thanks for linking up to "Amaze Me Monday".

  10. This apron is to die for! I seriously NEED one! I featured this on my blog today so come on by and check it out!


  11. I have this fabric and haven't touched it. I love what you did with it!

  12. Your apron is fantastic, I best see if you sell them on Etsy!!

  13. Found you on All Things Inspired! Fabulous idea and i can't even tell you how cute that fabric is!!!

    Can't wait to make one for my mom!


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