Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayer for Japan~

It does not matter what faith you are. Chances are, your faith sends missionaries out all over the world, just like my faith does. I have a son serving a mission in Jacksonville, Florida (yes, my prayers were answered when I prayed that he stay stateside). My very first thought when I heard about this devastating earthquake was about the missionaries from our church serving there. Then, immediately, I broke down for the mothers of those missionaries. I thought of my son, and if this had happened to him, and the not knowing.  I am thinking of the countless missionaries of all faiths in Japan today. My heart is so heavy and sad for everyone there and those who have a loved one there. I know that there is power in numbers, so today, I ask that everyone in blogland say a silent prayer for Japan. Pray for comfort for those families. Pray for comfort for the mothers who have missionaries, service men/women, students or any child there for any reason.

As a mother, I thank you for praying for other mothers.


  1. I also am concerned about our brothers and sisters in Japan. Having had two sons on missions before there is nothing like having that helpless feeling. I will be saying prayers for the mom's and dad's with concerns for loved ones serving in Japan.

  2. I've been so worried for the safety of Japan since I heard the news. My youngest studied in Japan last spring and has many friends that she's trying to find out if they are okay. Ashley is also just coming back from spring break where she traveled to Madrid - we were worried sick when the young man from San Diego was missing...parenting never ends...saying a prayer for those parents too! God Bless You Irene.


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