Thursday, June 30, 2011


Oh my goodness! I can't believe how little of time I have on the computer in the summer! I am truly loving swimming and playing with the kids!

I was not planning on sharing this AMERICA banner that I threw together a couple of days ago only because I was making this banner with absolutely no plan or idea on what I wanted! I just started adding to the banner and this is what it turned into:

I think it turned out pretty dang cute! Because I had no intention of sharing the banner with you, I didn't not write down where I downloaded the AMERICA letters from - Sorry!  It is amazing what a few buttons, flowers and pieces of ribbon will turn into!
I had a bunch of vintage 4th of July postcards that I had intended on using elsewhere, but ended up on the banner.

I just love patriotic anything! Oh, and special thanks to my best friend, Sharon, for the stinking cute AMERICA printable that she did! Sharon is stinking amazing on the computer! Check her out on her blog Worleybird Designs.

Ok time to go and play with Sam.....

HAPPY 4th of JULY to all!!!
Be Safe!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Scrap Bag!

Today I did nothing! And it felt GREAT!!!! Those of you who know me personally know that I can't sit still. I am always doing something! Well, my husband and I had a big list of "to-do's" when we woke up...we decided to throw the list out and watch movies and go swimming with the boys. It was a great day!

In my world the next day starts when the kids go to bed and the house is silent. So, around eight tonight the house was silent, and my new day started. So, with a new day, comes a new project! I would like to show you what I made tonight...
A new scrapbooking bag! When I prepare to go to a crop, I like to make page packets and I wanted a bag that was 14 inches wide by 15 inches tall and about 3 inches deep to be able to hold the page packets that are 13 inches by 13 inches. 
I used what else...Heather Bailey for the fabric. Oh how I love Heather Bailey fabric! These fabrics are very citrusy (is that a word?)! 
I did add a pocket to the inside as well as a magnetic snap. 
I really like this bag! 
These are the page packets I was talking about. Each packet contains just what I need for that particular layout. 

Perfect! Nice and tidy!

I have enough of this fabric so I think I will make a second one just like this for a great prize for a future Crafty Girls crop!

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Old Pattern, New Bag

Oh my goodness! I have a feeling that my blogging time this summer is being traded in for swimming, scouts and fun with the kids! Honestly, I am not complaining. As much as I love to blog, my blog will always be here, my kids won't be kids forever! So, thanks for being so patient for a new post! :)

All of those of us that enjoy to sew probably have a ton of patterns in their stash to "one day" make. I have kinda a personal goal this make some of those patterns! Here is a pattern that I had in my stash to make "one day".

It is Simplicity 2357, view A. When I first saw this pattern I fell in love with the brown and turquoise. So...this is my version... 
This is the front of the bag. I kept it kinda neutral with the tan and brown, but added a pop of turquoise to the bag in the trim and handle. 
This is the back of the bag. If you noticed, the fabric is opposite of the front of the bag. I have to say, I like it a lot. 
The fabric is a linen look. 
The bag measures 13 inches wide and 23 inches high, including handle.

The bag was actually very easy to make. The worse part is cutting out the pattern! I think the bag will be good for early fall....

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

July Fencepost Sign

It's that time! Time for the Crafty Girls to make next month's fencepost sign. I will admit, I am a bit behind on getting ready for the workshop in three days...but I am so ready for a fun day!

So, here is the fencepost sign that the Crafty Girls will make:
Very Patriotic for July!
I love how the three stars are layered and make it three dimensional   
I think that the AMERICA in the bottom corner balances it out 
I think this month's sign is perfect for display in July! 
This was June's sign 
And, this was May's sign.

Have a great Thursday!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Firecracker Time!

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe I have not been on my computer for a full week! This has been one busy week! My daughter is graduating from High School on Tuesday and we held her graduation party yesterday. So, it has been a week of cleaning and planning. It was a great time and I am very proud of my daughter!

This afternoon after church I came home and had every intention to take a nap. But then my scrap room called my name! This is what I came up with:
A fun and creative way to make firecrackers! 
I love the thick wire coming out of the top of the firecracker. 
I love the thicker wire mixed in with the skinny red wire.

I love anything patriotic, and this has to be one of my new favorite decorations for the the 4th of July!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Those who know me best know that I do enjoy to make bags. I have made hundreds of bags in my life. I am always up to try a new bag. So....when I got an email from Tall Poppy Crafts where they were advertising their Clamshell purse:
Clamshell purse
I thought when I first saw this that I loved it. So, I ordered two kits. Kits came, read directions and tried to make it....
First it said to spread your glue on the outsides of the purse. Easy enough. 
Then, add the fabric and add a top coat of the fabric. Easy enough. 
Now line the inside of the purse with another fabric. I am now hating working with all this glue. It is actually driving me crazy! 
You are now suppose to wait for the glue to dry. But, I am tired and cranky tonight and I don't want to I added the two sides to the frames. It actually went right into the frame really easy. Yes, I know the picture if cruddy because the glue is still wet, but hey, I am impatient! 
Here is is put together. It is actually pretty cute, but I did not enjoy making it that is for sure! 
The bag is actually a "cute" size. It is 7 inches by 3.5 inches.  
For being a cute size, it actually holds the essentials that are needed for a fun afternoon out with the gals. 
If you look close at the top of the bag, you can see two metal hooks that you can add a chain to the bag to make it a shoulder bag, which is kinda cool.

After making this bag, I will never make it again, way too messy for me. I prefer my sewing machine over Mod Podge! Although, I do have one more frame...maybe time will make me think different!

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 3, 2011

I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

Before I headed off to bed, I wanted to share with you a cute little block set that I made up.  I love anything patriotic and I love how this turned out!
This cute block set is made with one 3 x 4 inch block, two 11 x 1 inch and three 7.5 x 1 inch blocks. 
I added assorted patriotic papers, making sure each one was different. 
I added a pleated star, flower and star punch as well as button and twine to the "star" block. 
I like how doing that, it added some dimension to the block. 
I guess if you didn't want it to look so much like a flag, you could separate the pieces. I like it most like a flag! 
Then using several different fonts I added the Pledge of Allegiance to the blocks. This is going to be a great addition to my patriotic decorating!

Have a great weekend!
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