Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Scrap Bag!

Today I did nothing! And it felt GREAT!!!! Those of you who know me personally know that I can't sit still. I am always doing something! Well, my husband and I had a big list of "to-do's" when we woke up...we decided to throw the list out and watch movies and go swimming with the boys. It was a great day!

In my world the next day starts when the kids go to bed and the house is silent. So, around eight tonight the house was silent, and my new day started. So, with a new day, comes a new project! I would like to show you what I made tonight...
A new scrapbooking bag! When I prepare to go to a crop, I like to make page packets and I wanted a bag that was 14 inches wide by 15 inches tall and about 3 inches deep to be able to hold the page packets that are 13 inches by 13 inches. 
I used what else...Heather Bailey for the fabric. Oh how I love Heather Bailey fabric! These fabrics are very citrusy (is that a word?)! 
I did add a pocket to the inside as well as a magnetic snap. 
I really like this bag! 
These are the page packets I was talking about. Each packet contains just what I need for that particular layout. 

Perfect! Nice and tidy!

I have enough of this fabric so I think I will make a second one just like this for a great prize for a future Crafty Girls crop!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Okay, seriously?!! You are just too crafty! LOVE it, and I realize that I NEED (have to) make up page packets!!!! I will be heading to Micheal's on Tuesday to pick me up some of those plastic sleeves! Now you just need a crop to go to! ;)

  2. That bag is beautiful as well as practical. I bought one of those huge rolling carts when I first started scrapbooking, and I've used it one time. (That was also the only time I went to a crop. hehehe) Your bag would be so handy when I want to take something with me to work on when I visit my parents. Reason #456 why I wish I could sew.

  3. I love this bag! Citrusy is a word in blogland. ;) Heather Bailey rocks bright colors that make me happy!

  4. I love your new scrap bag. The fabric is gorgeous. Stopping by from Sew Many Ways linky party and your newest follower.

    This is what I shared today:

  5. This turned out really nice, thanks for sharing, love the fabric colors and size. What type of padding or interfacing did you choose to use with this fabric? It looks sturdy.


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