Monday, May 9, 2011

Birdie Birdie in the sky...

I just finished a really cute trio of summertime birds!
Are these little birds not just precious! 
I am really into orange this year...and I like the little flower on the tail. 
Gotta have twine on everything! 
And let's not forget the button on every craft project!

Before I was able to work on these birds, I had a bright idea stupid idea to organize my scrapbook paper.  
My workshop was a MESS! I have so much paper, it isn't even right. This is half of the paper on the table. I am going to really weed through this and get rid of what I know I will never use! 
The problem is that I am a paper hoarder. I can't pick which paper to get rid of and which paper to keep! HELP! 
I did it. I went from 8 of these Karen Foster paper holders down to 3 1/2 paper holders. Not too bad!  
What a great feeling to downsize. Now...where to donate all that paper?

Don't forget to enter to win the four birthday prizes! Giveaway will be announced on May 13th, so you have a few days left to enter!
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  1. Those birds are so cute! I love the patterned paper you chose. Our local scrapbook store takes paper donations and gives them to our Children's Hospital -maybe yours does something similar?

  2. Leigh the color combinations are perfect, I'd love to see how you made them - mod podge? And did you buy them already as bird shapes with the wing unattached?

  3. Those birds are the cutest! I have the same paper pack :)

  4. Love the birds...regarding the paper you don't know what to do with...I will email you my address and will glad to take them off your hands.haha
    have a great day,

  5. Adorable little birdies!
    and wow for your scrapbook paper collection and organisation!

  6. I was going to say the same thing about children's hospitals taking the paper. They love having supplies on hand for the kids to use. but I'd also say that I'd be happy to help you get rid of some of it. ;)

  7. And I was so overwhelmed with the paper, I didn't even comment on the birds, which I LOVE!!!

  8. I've heard of some people doing a destash giveaway. Could be a fun thing to do : )

  9. I like the birdies, I have been thinking I should have more in our home, being "Fowler" and all, ha.
    I will take the scrap paper. The YW love to make cards and it ends up getting spendy.

  10. Love the birdies! Can I be the first to place my order for a set of these? Super cute! And Irene, if I forgot to send you birthday wishes, I hope you had a great birthday!

  11. I love the birds and I love that u used paper on them! cute!

  12. Love the birdies! Maybe you should sell the paper next Saturday?? :)

  13. love the birds too -espec the paislee looking one...sometimes there are organizations in your community that do art projects with at rick girls or even disabled folks who would love the paper :) Or, your local children's hospital loves to teach kids simple scrapbooking...

  14. Yeah right. . .let me know how that "weed out" process turns out!!! Then you can "weed out" my stash of "gotta have that paper but I have no idea what I will ever use it for"!!! LOL
    LOVE your cute birdies! ~Kira

  15. I love your birds, so cute! Come and join our linky party:

  16. Seriously- You took the words right out of my mouth- "What was I thinking." That is what i always say 1/2 way into organizing my scrap paper. I am a hoarder too. I find myself buying multiples of most sheets just "in case" I use one and later on find the *perfect* project for it. UGH!! :) I always donate mine to the Women's Center here in town, the local church preschool, or I cut them into 6x6's and hand out to my crafty card friends at retreats :) Good luck!!!! :)


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