Monday, May 23, 2011

My first quilt project...

For many years I have wanted to make a quilt. I would go into our local quilt shop (sadly, now closed) and just drool over the quilts on display. I became friends with a few of the gals that worked there and they kept telling me to take a class. It just looked so intimidating, that I put off signing up for a year! Well, last summer I took a class for a table runner. And, in one Saturday I finished the runner, except for backing and quilting it.

As you all know, if you leave a class with an unfinished project, you never get it done!

Now meet Laurie. Laurie is a friend of mine that was over one day and saw the quilt top, unfinished. She said to me, "Let me have that and I will quilt it for you!" The angels sang! Laurie brought the quilt home and then returned it to me this past Saturday.

Can you just say LOVE!

Here it is folded on my favorite chair.  
The pattern called for using more of a solid fabric...but I love Heather Bailey fabric so much, that I didn't follow directions, and I used all her fabric. 
How lucky am I that Laurie did this for me! 

Now this chair is just calling out for me to sit and read a magazine!

Thank you Laurie!


  1. What a lovely quilt, your chair looks so inviting, waiting for you to curl up and and read a good book!
    have a great day,

  2. What a beautiful quilt! I just wanted you to know that I also received my notecards that I won in Birthday celebration and they are so cute!!!
    Thanks so much. Evelene S

  3. This is beautiful and amazing! Great job! I've been bookmarking different quilts while I get up the nerve to try one myself...I think you may have inspired me!


  4. How fun is that, to have finished the quilt (o:

  5. It is absolutely beautiful. You both did a splendid job!!


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