Friday, May 13, 2011

Time to Announce Birthday Winners!

I am so sorry that this post is coming out so late! I have had to play "nurse mommy" the last two days! Then when I thought I had a couple of minutes earlier today, Blogger was down. So, better late than never, right?

Ok, giveaway Number 1 was for this great bag. There were 47 entries for the bag. I used to pick my winners.

YEA! The winner is Comment Number 13!
Sabrina from ...and faux pearls
Sabrina's comment for her next birthday gift was:
"I'm already a follower:) I just turned 21 2 days ago! But for my NEXT birthday I would like some sunshine, and for my student loans to magically be paid off! (And how about all my other debts too, while we're at it??):)"

I think we all have that wish Sabrina!

Next up is the giveaway for the adorable note card set!
Using the winning comment is:
Comment number 24! Comment 24 is Evelene S.! Evelene's said this about her favorite birthday cake:
" I love chocolate birthday cake with fresh strawberries in whipping cream."


Now on to the Magnet Board giveaway! The Magnet board had 19 entries.
Out of 19 entries, picked lucky number
17! Yea! Number 17 is Muireann! Muireann said that her most annoying phone calls are:
"The most annoying calls I get are from companies trying to sell me things. No thank you! "

I agree Muireann! That is why I never answer our home phone!

And, last, but not least - the giveaway for the crafting apron!
There were 38 entries for the Apron. picked number
19! Number 19 is Amy from Ameroonie Designs
Congrats Amy on winning the Apron!

Well there you have it! A week long birthday party has come to an end! So sad!

So, if you are Sabrina, Evelene S., Muireann or Amy give me a quick email and let me know your mailing address and I will get the gifts out to you Monday!

Thank you to everyone for joining me in celebrating my birthday!


  1. I knew if I entered enough of your give aways I would eventually win an apron!!! Yippee! Happy birthday to you and happy birthday to me!

  2. so cute!! love it, im jealous:)


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