Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

With tomorrow being Memorial Day, I wanted another Memorial Day decoration that then could be carried into the 4th of July. Here is what I came up with this weekend:
I love these blocks!
If you remember, I love the oversize blocks! I have made them for other holidays too. Here are the previous blocks:
Joy Blocks
Joy Blocks for Christmas
Chunky Love Blocks
Love Blocks for Valentines Day

And now, for the patriotic season I have made the USA Blocks.
The blocks are about 10 inches tall and 5 inches wide.

For the "U" I added a denim flower. What's more American than Levi's? 
The embellishment for the "S" is the red/white twine.  
For the "A" I added the cute red/white/blue banner.  
I just think it turned out super cute!

And, a special thank you to ALL of the service men & women that protect my freedoms. The courage that you display by protecting our country is inspiring and I am indebted to you forever!


  1. Love this. Are you selling these? Is there a way I can order one?

  2. These are great! I love you how you can add these to any season or holiday!
    have a blessed weekend,

  3. So cute! I love all the embellishments- and I really like the knobs on the tops of the blocks for the other seasons. Brilliant!

  4. They are really cute!
    I love the embellishments!

  5. Those are adorable. I have to make them! I pinned them too so others can see them. Thank you so much for sharing. Come and say hi and enter my Jamberry nail giveaway!

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  6. Love your blog!! I am definitely going to be your new follower :) I would love it if you followed me to @ that would be great :) I am just starting out, but I am excited to share new recipes, crafts, and makeup.. And Giving away giveaways on mineral make-up!!

  7. Oh and I featured you on my blog because this is the cutest blog ever!!


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