Monday, May 2, 2011

Pocket full of Posies!

Tonight I did some straightening up of my fabric.
Yum, right! This is just a fraction of my fabric stash, but, this is the fabric that is visible in my workshop. I only folded fabric that was big enough to make a bag, apron, dress, or whatever!

The smaller pieces went into a plastic tub... 
I even love scraps of fabric because every piece of scrap fabric has a story behind it. I smile when I think of some of the gifts and projects that these fabrics have made, it makes me smile.

With Mothers Day coming up, I decided to make some posies pins with the some of the scraps of fabric. 
I brought out the trusty Big Shot to cut my fabric circles and then started assembling the flowers. 
I made up six flowers tonight. 
I really like all of them! 

I love the layered look of the flowers & the covered buttons for the centers.

I love scraps. Lord knows that if I mess up my fabric that I organized tonight, it will stay messy for a long time! (All you fabric hoarders totally understand what I am saying!) So, maybe I will stick to the scrap bucket for a while!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I love how all the fabric looks stacked up like that. I truly need to organize my own stash- it's everywhere!
    The flowers are lovely- the covered buttons just make the whole thing IMHO!

  2. I'm jealous of your fabric stash. I have a little, but not neatly stacked. Love the blog.


  3. Love the flowers. Planning on using my GO! Baby to make some up. Maybe tonight?

  4. I'm having SUCH fabric envy right now. greeeeeen. haha :) Beautiful flowers!

    I'd love for you to link this up to my link party, Your Whims Wednesday!

  5. Oh I love your fabric stash! I have been wanting to invest in one of those cutting machines that cuts fabric too, such as your Big Shot . . would you recommend buying that one or different one?

  6. So cute- they are really cute on the fridge and the covered buttons really do make it look finished! Great work! Stopping by from Young and Crafty :)

  7. Love your posies! And your fabric stash is so colorful!

  8. Where do I get the directions to make these?

  9. What die did you use to make these posies they are really cute?

  10. You always make the most pretty flowers! Thanks for linking up last week, I always enjoy reading your blog! Have a wonderful weekend.


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