Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bedroom Lighten Up

Earlier today I looked at our master bedroom, and I felt like it looked "heavy". With spring weather outside, I wanted to lighten it up. I cannot afford to go out and buy a new bed set for our bedroom. So, I removed some pillows and flipped a coverlet, and I think it looks a bit lighter.

Here is the before:

I do love my bedding set. My thought is to take away the red/cream check items and put the all white sheets on the bed.

Here is the after: 

I know that there is not much of a change, but I think I really like it. I flipped the red/cream coverlet and the reverse side is a tan color. I also took off the matching red/cream pillows. I like the pop of color that the single red pillow adds. My curtains are tan at the top, with red/cream pillow ticking on the bottom so I still have some red in the room. The best part is...this as FREE!

I am excited to show you later this week what I have been doing for my front porch...ALL FOR FREE!


  1. This is so cute! I'm revamping my bedroom for spring too starting with repurposing an entertainment center into a wardrobe.

    Check it out at


  2. i love that red and white quilt!! your room is a lot bighter!
    Please link up at our link party

  3. I have the same bed, I love it. I also feel the need to lighten up my bedroom and will be switching out my down comforter for a lighter one soon. Nice changes, it does look lighter, and I love the little pop of red.

  4. Love the FREE aspect! Looks great both ways!


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