Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart!

Today is my husband's 42nd birthday....or as he would say, "Today is the 21st anniversary of my 21st birthday, on the 21st of April!" Cute, huh? Well...I have a dilemma, and I need some advice! Here is where I wish I was able to take my husband for his birthday...
On a cruise ship heading somewhere really warm...just the two of us! But, times are tight, and so I settled on something else. I have booked us a room here....
The Aliante Resort. Very nice.  
Rooms look beautiful. 
But the best part is the pool.

So, here is the deal that I got. Dinner, Movie and Room for $79. Locals deal. Love it! Had we just gone to dinner and movie, we would have spent that much. I secretly have scheduled David off at work for tomorrow (I can do this since I am his paralegal!) The entire office knows we will be off tomorrow, except for him! The plan is to lay on one of those beautiful orange lounge chairs all day long.

Now, are you ready for my dilemma? Here it is in a nutshell:
Sunday: Daughter has flu all day and all Sunday night.
Monday: Son No. 2 has flu all day and Monday night.
Tuesday: Son No. 3 has flu all day and Tuesday night.
Wednesday: Son No. 4 has flu all day and Wednesday night.
Today: Son No. 2 & Son No. 4 sick.

I could not make this stuff up. What do I do? The room had to be prepaid! No money back. Am I terrible if I still take David tonight? What if no one is hugging the porcelain throne anymore? David and I need this break more than I can tell you. (insert me stomping my feet here and acting like I am entitled to this!) And, here is my justification, it's not like the kids are babies! They are 8, 9, 10 and 18. And, one more thing, the Aliante is 4 miles from my home, so I am super close.

There will be adults with the kids tonight, just not their mom and dad. Should I give in and tell David the surprise and let him decide? UGH!

What would you do?


  1. Oooh tough one! Tell him and let him decide or at least make sure whoever is staying with the kids is aware of the situation. You may not have babysitters anymore :b

  2. That is tough! I think you should tell him about the surprise and then make the decision together. But I would more than likely still get the sitters (if they were still willing) and enjoy the night.

  3. You must go! Your children will be fine!! Just one night girly----and you are close to home. Go and the big huge scheme of life-- it is no biggy ;)

  4. I sure hope you can go and are able to enjoy yourself while the kiddos are nestled safe and sound at home.

  5. Go!!!! Don't put the decision on your husband - it's his birthday! Enjoy!! The kids will live.

  6. This is way late, but I hope you went! I know it's hard as a mom, but sometimes you need to put the focus on your marriage. I think as long as the kids are not in mortal danger- and the sitters are willing to help with the recovery- you should do it.
    Hope you had fun. ;)

  7. Everyone...I took your advice and went! It was great! Everyone survived! The bad part....we got home Friday night and Saturday morning I woke up with the flu! I was sick until Sunday night. Thank goodness it waited until after Dave's bday!


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