Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Towel Hook....

I decided tonight to step back from making kits for our upcoming crop and finish a project that I have been putting off for almost three months now. Have you ever had a project that you just didn't feel like doing after you bought the materials to make it? Well, I saw this great plant hook/ towel hook and I realized that this hook would be a great kitchen towel hook to have next to my kitchen sink for hand towels. This was the hook that I originally had on the cabinet next to my sink. It's cute. It's small. It only holds one towel. And, lastly, the birdie is cream.

This is the current hook.

I gathered the materials that I had bought three months ago...
I finished painting the back-board. 
I love this paper. I cut it down to the size of the back board and inked the edges black and used deco podge to attach the paper to the back-board. 
Time for the big gun...I had to attached the metal hook to the back-board. 
I went into the kitchen and removed the original hook. Yup, you are seeing right. When taking the old hook down, I created a hole in the side of the cabinet. This new hook has to work, if for nothing else, to cover this hole! 
OK, now it is up. This hook is so much more in line with my kitchen decor. I like roosters. So, this rooster hook should feel right at home! 
I have a few roosters in my kitchen.  
I love my new hook! I am glad I finished this project.
Have a great night!


  1. Cock-A-Doodle Do! That looks great!

  2. Irene, you never fail! I'm glad I took a second to follow your link and find my friend is doing-doing-doing...wonderful, as usual. Love, Mel


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