Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

I would like for all of you to meet Sharon...
Sharon is one of my dearest friends ever! I met Sharon about 6 years ago while working at Julie Jane Scrapbook store. One of the things I love most about Sharon is her zest for life. Sharon has this little Georgia peach southern accent and has a saying for everything! Sharon is a mother of two great boys and married to a great man.

At the young age of 35 years old Sharon was diagnosed with stage 3+ breast cancer. At the time of diagnoses, Sharon had two young toddlers and was at a time in her life when she was suppose to nurture and care for her babies. Instead, she was faced with having to accept help and nurturing from others. She was thrown into a world that I hope and pray I, nor any of you have to enter. Sharon beat the odds that was given to her and today, proud to say, almost 15 years cancer free.

I am telling you about Sharon because October is breast cancer awareness month. Because of Sharon, I have a mammogram every year. I am begging all of you to touch your ta-ta's, have your husband touch them, have your doctor touch them...and honor all the women who have lost their battle to breast cancer and to teach all women the importance of early detection. Sharon is a shining example of a positive and winning attitude. We need more Sharon's in this fight against breast cancer.

I love you Sharon!

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  1. Awesome post Irene! Thanks for the reminder. Also... love the pic of Sharon and her bike.. which we all know how much she loves riding ;)


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