Saturday, October 16, 2010

Library Pocket Album

Several years ago, while working at a local scrapbook store, I had the great privilege of learning how to make a Library Pocket booklet. Basically, what a Library Pocket booklet is, is six library pockets attached together, with a cover and a back put on it. With Christmas approaching fast, I have always wanted to make a Library Pocket booklet and use it as a Christmas card for my siblings. Each tag would have a current picture of my children (I have 5 great kids) and the 6th tag would host a picture of my husband and myself. Then instead of the traditional "family brag" letter, I would write a little something about each child on the back of each tag. The daunting thought is this...I have 6 siblings, my husband has 5 siblings. Oh, and lets not forget each set of parents and grandparents. It really starts to add up.

Well I decided to start making the Library Pocket booklet. I love it! I haven't made one in a few years, and I had forgotten just how dang cute these are...
Library Pocket Booklet Front Cover

Library Pocket Number 1
Library Pocket Number 2

Library Pocket Number 3

Library Pocket Number 4

Library Pocket Number 5

Library Pocket Number 6

Library Pocket Back Cover

Library Pocket Expanded off to make 754 more! ;)


  1. This is adorable! Do you attach each pocket with a ribbon?? So cute!

  2. Please add me to your Christmas card list, pronto!!

  3. Marsha said I love it! It is so cute. No I think it 755 more one for me LOL

  4. it is really cute!
    Could we get a tutorial on how you make it?
    I would really enjoy making a few myself.

  5. Well I have never done a tutorial! I just might try it! Let me put my thinking cap on and see if I can do that! I will keep you posted!

  6. Love this! I would love a tutorial too, I just found the library pocket template yesterday to make a cute Thanksgivings Blessing card and it goes in the pocket and the kids will list what they are thankful for on it but I would LOVE to do this for our christmas cards! soo cute!


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