Saturday, October 23, 2010


First, I apologize to those who entered the first LV Crafty Girls giveaway for taking so long to post this today. Earlier in the week when I set up the giveaway, I had no plans for today, so I knew it would be a good day to post. Well, how suddenly life can change. We left our home this morning at 9:30 for family pictures. How come getting family pictures is never a happy experience? When you have a large family, there is always some one that does not want to smile. UGH. Enough said about that. After the pictures, our middle son had TWO football games. We went to the game at 11:30, only to have the games run late and we left the ball field at 4:30. So, dinner, tubs and laying out church clothes is now done. Finally, my first chance of the day to sit down at the computer.

OK, now on the to fun stuff. (drum-roll is playing here, can't you hear it?) All the entries have been put into a hat, and the winner of the great DIY calendar kit is...

Congrats to Tristen! I will be sending you a separate email so I can get your info!

Now, off to bed...I am beat.

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