Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back to Halloween~

So with all the Christmas crafting that I have been doing, I thought I would go back to some Halloween crafting. I have a girlfriend whose daughter is having a baby. The baby shower is on Saturday, October 30th, and the theme is "Mummy". Very cute. Anyway, this friend was at the last Crafty Girls crop and we started talking about this shower. She said that she needed something for the table centerpieces. She wanted Mummy's. This is what I came up for her...
At first it started out as one mummy. That mummy looked lonely, so I added a mommy mummy. Hmmmm, not done yet, so I added daddy mummy. I would add some candy at the "feet" to complete the centerpiece. We'll see what she thinks!

While on the topic of Halloween, let me show you these totally cute pins~
These adorable pins are made using burlap, tulle and ribbon. Then the picture on the top of the pin is crackled. I wish I would have been the one to make these, but all the credit goes to my friend Susan. SUPER CUTE SUSAN!


  1. Those pins are super cute!! And the Mummies are perfect!

  2. Love the mummies! Absolutely adorable!


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