Thursday, October 7, 2010


Every year at Christmas time my mother-in-law always will ask me what I want. And, every year I tell her the same thing. "A gift certificate to Ben Franklin". You see, the Ben Franklin in Kaysville, Utah is great! I love that store, and I must admit that sometimes I want to go to visit her just so I can go to Ben Franklin. Well, last year at Christmas my mother-in-law went above the "oh so expected" gift certificate and included with the certificate several different size Yo-Yo makers!
I have seen many cute projects and crafts done with yo-yo's. But, I have never made them myself.

Well, this week I decided to use my new yo-yo makers. I must say, I was really surprised how easy they were to make!

A little background two bff's last year for my birthday got me a mannequin. I LOVE her. I call her Ms. M. I like to dress Ms. M in accordance to the holiday or time of year. Summer is over. Halloween is here. So, I decided to make Ms. M an outfit to suit the holiday.

Ms. M is now adorned in a beautiful tulle skirt with a wide belt that is embellished with yo-yo's! Lets not forget the elegant choker necklace that matches!

So, in the end...thank you Barb & Sharon for Ms. M ~ and thank you mother-in-law for the great yo-yo makers! And, Ms. M - you look great!


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