Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A few new crafts....

I am always trying new crafts, and with the holiday season coming upon us so fast, I thought I would start now with the holiday crafting! I first made these adorable Santa hats! I just love the trio of these whimsical hats.

The mink rim (fake mink of course) around the bottom and at the top of each hat is super silky and soft.

I have three very active little boys and I love nativity scenes. Well, boys and nativity scenes don't seem to mix well. They are very active boys, and every chance they get, they are playing football in the house! So, I will just say, a few things here and there have been broken due to the game winning throw! So, I made up this great wood nativity and I love it! The boys can't break these pieces!

I love the holidays! Stay tuned for more ideas to come!


  1. What cute crafts! Your so creative! LUV them!

  2. Thanks Chrissy! You should come to a crop and make some!


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