Sunday, July 15, 2012

Perpetual Birthday Calendar

Finally! Five minutes to sit, relax and show you a fun perpetual calendar that I made for my family. Both my husband and I are from large families, and every year I make a goal (that I have broken every year!) to remember all the birthdays. So, to try to help with that, I came up with this perpetual calendar for my kitchen.
The best part about this calendar is that I will see it everyday so I will have no excuses for not remembering a family member's birthday!

I love the line of paper from Stampin' Up that I is called Patio Party

Gotta have tulle in the project somewhere!

I started this project out with a 12x12 wood frame that I painted white. I then made a scrapbook page for the background of the calendar. Super easy! Yes, that is a dinner doily!

I then took a standard clip-board and cut the length down so it would measure 9x9 inches. I decorated the clip-board with coordinating papers and ribbon.

I printed out each month and mounted the months onto colored card stock. I cut these to measure 8x8 inches.

Then, I went through each month and added the birthdays and anniversary's

I made a couple of banners and added them to the frame. Once all that was done, I put the background paper in the frame, hot glued the clipboard to that paper and added the banners and I was done!

And that's it... super easy and fun! It definitely adds a bit of color to a dark corner in my kitchen!

Happy Sunday!

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