Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentine Card Tree

Oh love is in the air...or at least all over blog-land! I have put a few decorations out for the upcoming Valentines day and wanted to share them with you! Look how stinking cute this felted heart swag is!
My mother surprised me with this swag and I absolutely love it! Mom takes 100% wool sweaters and felts the wool. Then, she cuts out the heart shape, added buttons and then did a blanket stitch around two hearts. Super cute!
The little buttons and the homespun look of the hearts is adorable! I wish you could feel and see how cute this swag is! 
I have the swag going across the top of our kitchen hutch...I know it is hard to see, but it is there - and it is stinking cute! 
I wanted to show you how easy it is to create a little Valentine display. I combined a couple of "heart" decorations and then, I took a candle that was left over from Christmas and added the Valentine paper and vintage clip art, and viola~ a Valentines candle!

But, by far, my favorite Valentine decoration this year is this great card tree!  
My father made this great card tree for me. It is done in a deep wine red and stands about 34 inches tall.  
Look at the cute vintage cards on the tree...I smile every time I walk by the tree.  
I know that you will all want a tree of your, I asked my dad to make a few extra trees! If you would like a card tree...check out my Etsy shop on the sidebar! Just think how cute this card tree will look at Christmas time with Christmas cards on it! I can't wait for Christmas to do this! Thanks Dad!

Oh ya, one more thing! Don't forget to enter to win the Be My Valentine blocks!
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  1. your mom's hearts are so darn cute! I am copying for sure.

  2. Your Mom's hearts are adorable!!! and I love the card tree to! ;-)

  3. This is unusual and so cute. It would make a nice centerpiece for my dining room table!


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