Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time for Christmas Crafting!

It's official...time to break out all the craft supplies for some fun Christmas decorations! Today I made a couple of Christmas decorations and wanted to share one of them with you.
Snowman and Mitten Garland
Like I did with my Give Thanks banner, I used a wood base for the mittens. 
Very playful snowmen at each end of the banner 
I need (want) a new camera so bad, this one just isn't cutting it for taking pictures! The center of each mitten has a silver doily and there is glitter galore on the mittens, but you just can't see the glitter, bummer. 
Then snowmen crack me up! 
I love the white glittery garland on each of the mittens too. 
Well, I am sure that this is the first of many Christmas crafts that I will work on this year!

Happy Friday!


  1. SUPER cute of course!!!

  2. Love it Irene! The snowmen are awesome!

  3. Soo adorable! Love it.. and I am sooo impressed that you are on top of your Christmas crafting already!

  4. What a cute banner! This is such a cute idea. This is a great Christmas decoration that could really be made into any size.

  5. Nice Irene! Making homemade Christmas decorations are the best, especially when you are bring Frost the Snowman into it! I can't believe Christmas is a little over a month away though. The food, gifts, and making sure you have the right clothes is all part of it! Not everyone likes to wear the fancy holiday sweaters and colors to celebrate the holidays though. A great way to incorporate the holidays with your wardrobe is to wear one of many holiday pins to show your enthusiasm for the season!


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