Sunday, January 1, 2012


Welcome 2012!! I am so ready for the ceremonial re-start that we all take at the beginning of a new year. I have one big plan for 2012.....
Hahahahahaha! I know, right. But, I mean it, I am gonna do it! The last month has been a very blessed, crazy, stressful month and a month where I was on my knees, a lot. The only thing I learned from this past month is that there is only one answer for me...and you guessed it, to simplify.

Now, on to fun stuff! I must have been a good girl last year because Santa Clause brought me this....
A brand new, stinking beautiful sewing machine! This sewing machine also has an embroidery attachment that I am super anxious to learn!

I am on "rest" mode for the next week or so, so instead of laying in bed, I thought sitting on my sewing chair was just as good! I wanted to sew something fun and simple to try out my new machine.... 
So, I made up this cute Valentine's pillow. Yes, I said Valentines. All of you crafters out there know that you are making up your crafts now too!

But, what I really wanted to show you was a "cheap" trick to pillows. We all know that pillow inserts cost a pretty penny. So, Here is a trick that I do to save money on pillow inserts.  
Take a $2.50 bed pillow from WalMart. I made my pillow the same width as the height of the bed pillow. I determined my height of my pillow and measured up on the bed pillow and cut. 

Cutting through all the stuffing can be a bit tricky.

I then pinned the open edge closed and stitched.

I used a zig-zag stitch to sew up the edge of the pillow. Slip your new pillow form into your pillow... 
And there you have it, a $1.25 pillow form! Easy. There is enough of the pillow left to make a second pillow. 
I made cute little ribbon ties on the back of the pillow to close it off. 
The pillow looks cute on my chair in my office...but, this little gem is going to my Mom. She has been a lot of help this past week, and I think this makes a cute thank you gift.

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  1. you are just the cutest thing! I use the same trick for my pillow inserts! Budget right?! But I JUST LOVE the covers you've whipped up! I have the feeling that new sewing machine is gonna get quite a workout!

  2. Love it Irene! Glad to hear you're recovering. Hope to chat more with you in 2012. :)

  3. Cutting up a cheapo pillow for a pillow form is a GREAT idea! And so thrifty!!


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