Friday, October 14, 2011

Crafty Girls Weekend Retreat!

I know, I know, I hate it too. When you go to a blog and the owner of the blog does not update in FOREVER!!! I am so sorry! I was so busy getting ready for the cabin retreat, then as soon as that was over, I hit the road again with my daughter to check out a college...2 states away! As you may remember, Crafty Girls hit the road and held a weekend scrapbook retreat in Zion National Park in southern Utah.

So, all these Crafty Girls headed here....

This cabin was amazing! If you think this looks good in the picture, you should see it in person!

Ok, so here are the pictures....

To get to the cabin we drove through Zion National Park 
The cabin was on the other side of this fantastic mountain and the only way to get there was..... 
a very scary tunnel! The tunnel was very narrow and VERY dark! In the end, it was totally worth it!

The crop room in the cabin was in a finished basement area. When the Crafty Girls went downstairs they were greeted with the door prize! 
The bag is much bigger in real life! It was made for scrapping, able to hold a lot of what you would bring to a crop. 
I am sure a few cavities were born this weekend!

My favorite game of the weekend was the "Guess who the Baby is" game. It was so fun to see all these great ladies as babies!

Here is the view of the crop room before everyone arrived.

Little workstation

The first day's lunch was a cute brown bag lunch 
This cabin is literally at the top of the mountain. This is the view on the deck.

Scrapping away!

To be honest, we could have opened a retail shop with all of the supplies that were there!

You would never know everyone had their own 5.5 foot table!

Thank you ladies for making the weekend great!
(Barb with the girls)

Angela, Me and Marsha

Thanks Mom for coming the cabin and helping out!

But, most of all, I want to thank my dear friend, Barb. Barb and I decided to do this on a whim back in July...and at times, we thought we were nuts! In the end, we both agree, all the time and energy we put into this weekend, was worth every minute!

Now, time to get ready for the next Crafty Girls day crop...tomorrow!

Happy Friday!


  1. busy busy busy. looks like you are having fun though. lovely place.

  2. It was AMAZING! You two out did yourselves!!!! We were absolutely spoiled! I can't wait until next year!!! ;)


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