Monday, July 18, 2011

New Bunting Scrapbook Bag!

Our a/c went out Saturday...still not fixed. But, the good part is, it really isn't all that bad in the house, even when it is 105 outside! We have two a/c units and the upstairs unit is still working, so we are at least sleeping well! The reason I am telling you this is because there is an image of a bag in my head and I had to make this bag today...but in order to do so, I would need the hot iron on, which adds about 20 degrees to my sewing room! With heat and all, I forged ahead to make the bag! This is what was dancing around in my head:

Isn't she pretty! I love her!

My inspiration came a few weeks back, my friend Kristy from Craftin-on-my-Door sent me an email with a link to the blog Just Another Hang Up. This blog is one of my favorites! Suzanne from Just Another Hang Up is so talented! Here is the inspiration for my bag:
Suzanne also gives a tutorial on how to make this cute little Cosmetic Bunting Bag HERE. I knew that I would never want to hide such a beauty in my purse, so I made a large bag!  
The dimensions of my bag are 14 inches by 14 inches and 3 inches deep. This is the size bag that I make to hold the page packets for scrapbooking.

This is the back of the bag, I wrapped the bunting all of the way around! 
I used fun Amy Butler fabric for the lining and I added three pockets on the inside. I also added a magnetic closure, just in case the bag isn't stuffed full! 
Because I used a light colored canvas for the body of the bag, I added little feet to the bottom - just to help keep the bottom cleaner. 
You can tell by where the bag sits on Ms. M. that it is pretty big!

Thanks Kristy for forwarding the link & thanks Suzanne for the inspiration!


  1. Oh, YES!!! I have the little bag on my Pinterest board - I love your version!!!

  2. I {LOVE} it! You are amazing and so sweet to link me! ;) I'm going to find more cute bags to send you..he he he! Hope your air is working soon!!!

  3. gorgeous - you've got skills girl - SKILLS!

  4. The bag is just darling, so fun!

  5. That bag is gorgeous. I'm impressed that were willing to suffer through the heat. We had an AC unit - of 3 - go out two weeks ago. Unfortunately for us, it was the downstairs unit where we spend all our sweaty time. I hope you get it fixed soon.

  6. LOVE it!!! ;) The bunting is darling!!!

  7. So,so pretty! I love the look of the bunting!! Hope you're keeping cool! lots of popsicles. ;)

  8. Hello! I'm Kassandra from Coffee and their Kisses. I featured this here at my blog. I hope you'll come by and grab a featured button to show how awesome you are :o)

  9. I love your bag! So cute! Thank you for the kind words -- I appreciate it so much!


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