Friday, November 5, 2010

Piggy Tales!

They say in this world that "It's all who you know." And you know, I believe that! I know Debbie. Debbie is the owner of Piggy Tales. I originally met Debbie about 5 years ago at the CHA show in Las Vegas. I was there with my girlfriend taking in all the "new" in scrapbooking when we walked up to the most humble little couple. They had a Costco table set up and maybe 4 or 5 stacks of paper on the table. Oh, the best part, Debbie and her husband were working the convention with their 6 week old baby! My girlfriend and I had to stop to talk to this cute little couple. Honestly, they were cute. After talking and checking out the new lines that they were launching, we went on our merry way.

Now, fast forward about 5 years. I am sitting in church...teaching the 3 and 4 year old children. In walks in a gal that I didn't think I knew, and so to strike up conversation I commented on her Piggy Tales bag she was holding. So, I asked, "Oh, a Piggy Tales you scrapbook?" The gal gave me a simple little grin and said, "Yes I do." I actually was going to tell the humble story to her about Piggy Tales when she said, "I am Piggy Tales". I just laughed.

I am so happy that Piggy Tales has launched into such a great company! So, after teaching Debbie's son in church, and probably getting her second son in my class in January, I feel comfortable enough to email Debbie and tell her I am in a slump, I need inspiration. Well, she answered that email by showing up at my house yesterday with.....
WOW! Do I have inspiration now!
What caught my eye the most was the great Drawbridge Book. Crafty on the lookout for a great kit using this Drawbridge Book!

Piggy Tales has so MANY great paper lines, but this Beauty and the Beast collection is just beautiful!

You too can enjoy some Piggy Tales! Head on over to her blog HERE and she is offering Piggy Tales Academy Kit club for FREE!

Stay Tuned for some great creations using Piggy Tales!

P.S. All you Crafty Girls that are coming on Saturday will get some Piggy Tales too! Whoo Hoo!

Don't forget to enter to win my great handbag HERE!

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