Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dust on the Sewing Machine

I have avoided my favorite crafting machine of sewing machine.

I walked into my studio and noticed it sitting there, so sad. I had the quick thought of the mop in the attic on the Swiffer commercial. So, tonight, I dusted off the dust and made this tonight...

This is a great bag. I don't use a pattern, I just cut and create and I love the size and feel of this bag. I made it approximately 12 inches tall and 15 inches wide with a 2.5 inch width. I have had this fabric for some time, it is a line called Birdie Damask by Patty Young for Michael Miller. I just love the black and brown harlequin pattern and the reds are such a pretty tone. I use a bag similar to this one everyday to carry files & my lunch back and forth to work - works great because of the size and the wood handles.  I love how the gathered red fabric stripe turned out on the front and back of the bag. There are 5 pockets on the inside.

What shall I sew next?


  1. BEAUTIFUL Irene for just "winging it"!

  2. " i just made this tonight-----BING!" you ass ..that would take me a year! LOL <3 ya reenie!

  3. Oh Kissie~ Don't cut yourself short! You could do this in about 6 six weeks!


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